James Griffiths: Minority Languages

If development is to mean more than economic growth, then language should be on top of our agendas. The preservation of minority languages and the building of lingua franca is crucial for the cultural, social and civil well-being of societies. Development which values culture is inseparable from policies which preserve and languages.  In this conversation … Continue reading James Griffiths: Minority Languages

Afghanistan and the end of the liberal intervention

U.S. Troops withdrew from Afghanistan at the end of summer leading to a Taliban takeover Photo: https://www.army-technology.com/news/us-troop-withdrawal-afghanistan-august/ At the end of summer, pundits, politicians, and the public alike watched the slow encroachment of the Taliban across Afghanistan with horror. Following the withdrawal of the bulk of American troops in most of the country, Western media … Continue reading Afghanistan and the end of the liberal intervention