1 year, 9% vaccinated (Part 2): Exploring the media’s portrayal of Covid-19 in Africa with Peter Mwai

We need to look deeper into the coverage of COVID-19 in Africa. From vaccination rates to incentivising policies, is there a disconnect between the coverage and what is happening on the ground? Even for journalists working within Africa, there is a delicate balance between maintaining the integrity of news and taking into account the impact of news on people’s decisions.

On this podcast, Samuel Ajakaiye (Africa Events Officer) interviews Peter Mwai, Deputy Editor and Senior Africa Correspondent for the BBC. He is a journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya who focuses especially on fact-checking and African current affairs. Tune in to the final part of the ‘1 year, 9% vaccinated’ series for a deep dive into the relationship between news and COVID-19 in Africa.

Interview by Sam Ajakaiye. Music by Lorcan Cudlip Cook.