How does change happen? And other topics of debate in International Development

How does change happen? In this episode, one of our events officers, Marnie, speaks with Dr Duncan Green, a strategic advisor to Oxfam GB on the topic of “What’s wrong with aid and other topics of debate in International Development?” 

Throughout the interview, they talk about how following a linear pattern is not the best way to go about approaching aid and how understanding the complexity of a situation and through focusing on what is already going right in an area, we can achieve the best outcomes. They will discuss how harnessing an agent’s creative power, and knowing how to go about enacting aid projects whilst being sensitive to different viewpoints is crucial in doing this. The two also chat about how aid organisations can help protest movements and on the subject of developments in recent feminist work in the sector.

Interview by Marnie Ashbridge. Music by Lorcan Cudlip Cook.