“Internet Censorship in China” (Part 1/2) with James Griffiths

What happens if you criticize the Chinese government on the internet? Can the government censor any opinion that it doesn’t like or is there a line which it cannot cross? In this half of the two-part series on internet censorship in China, Zilun talks to James Griffiths about the anatomy of censorship in China and its implications on internet world-wide. If other developing countries follow the trend to censor the internet, what are its foreseeable consequences?

The speaker, James Griffiths, is the author of the “Great Firewall of China: How to build and control an alternative version of the internet,” and “Speak Not: Empire, identity and the politics of language.” He is the incoming Asia correspondent for the Globe and Mail, and a former senior producer for CNN International. Based in Hong Kong, James has reported from across Asia for almost a decade, including China, the Koreas, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Australia.

Interview by Zilun Lin. Music by Lorcan Cudlip Cook