“The Dark Side of the Middle East” with ‘Blood and Oil’ authors Bradley Hope and Justin Scheck

Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) has recently gone from a reformist figure of the Middle East, praised by leaders worldwide, to a suspect in the murder of a journalist, raising questions about the true nature of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Our Middle East Events Officer, Sara Al Soodi, discusses the complex nature of MBS and what that means for the future of Saudi Arabia, exploring the nature of individuals in power in the Middle East with Bradley Hope and Justin Scheck, co-authors of ‘Blood and Oil’. Bradley spent seven years at the Wall Street Journal’s offices in New York and London and before, he covered the Arab Spring from Cairo, Tripoli and Beirut. Justin has been writing about Saudi Arabia since 2016, and has worked at the Wall Street Journal since 2007 in San Francisco, London and New York.

Interview by Sara Al Soodi. Music by Lorcan Cudlip Cook