OxSID is an entirely student-run organisation.

We’re a team of 14 students from across Oxford University. Our committee members are studying everything from Politics to Spanish to Maths to Law, but we’re all united by a passion for international development.

In addition, our College Reps represent OxSID across the University, ensuring we reach and represent a wide range of backgrounds and departments.

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Hannah Brock
BA History and Politics, Queen’s College

“I’ve always had a passion for international development and I’m very enthused by the talent, passion and commitment exhibited by our new committee. Having had the privilege to work with NGOs, charities and the non-profit sector in China, the West Bank and Israel, I feel very strongly about the need for greater community and grassroots-based orientated work. Flora and I would like to address how we can do this at OxSID by expanding our integration within our own local communities this term, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!”


Flora Davies
BA French and Spanish, New College

“I’m excited to be working closely with Hannah and our fantastic new committee to produce inspiring and informative content for you this term. My interest in international development was sparked at school through my participation in Model UN conferences in London and New York where debates on humanitarian intervention and free speech made me realise the complexity and importance of intergovernmental action. Since then, I have taken a particular interest in development in the Hispanic world, in particular focusing on women’s rights and narcotrafficking in Latin America. Please do get in touch if you would like to contribute or collaborate with us – we would be delighted to hear from you.”


Rochelle Moss
BA PPE, Oriel College

“I’m very interested in examining the role of large organisations within international development, considering the extent to which they actually help or hinder change. I’m looking forward to learning more about this as a part of OxSID this term.”


Evie McVeigh
BA History, Christ Church College

“It was OxSID’s podcasts over lockdown that finalised my decision to pursue a career in international development. Witnessing Britain’s widening education gap first hand has attracted me to the greater global issue of education poverty to which I direct my focus. I hope that this term, by partnering with local Oxford NGOs, we can expand the scope and reach of OxSID to continue to engage students in critical global events.”

Events Director

Timea Iliffe
BA PPE, New College

“I’ve loved working with OxSID in the past and I’m super excited to see where we can take the society this term. I’m particularly interested in evidence-based development strategies and the intersection with effective altruism, and how students can leverage their talents to do the most good possible. To this end I’m also really passionate about connecting our members with futures and careers in the field, which hopefully our new opportunities this term will be able to do.”

Marketing Director

Sophie Littlewood
MChem Chemistry, Magdalen College

“I’m passionate about the role of data, science and media in sustainable development – particularly when it comes to development economics and the low-carbon transition. I’m really looking forward to sharing all of our exciting activities and resources with you over the next few months.”

General Committee

Marketing Officer

Sharon Chau
BA PPE, University College

“I’m fascinated by development aid and think it should be much more bottom-up and given directly to local communities instead of directed by international organisations or big governments. I also think gender is an undeniable part of development, and policies like paying parents to send their daughters to school goes a long way in developing a country. As OxSID’s Marketing Officer, I’m looking forward to promoting the society and getting as many people on board as possible!”

Graduate Officer

Sarah Howard
BA Maths, St Hugh’s College

“I’m interested in the treatment and reception of refugees globally, and also how computing and data analysis can be used to accelerate international development. As Graduate Officer this term I’m looking forward to creating careers resources and engaging with Oxford graduates to share some of their experiences working in or researching international development.”

Africa Events Officer

Shereece Linton-Ramsay
BA History, Magdalen College

“I’ve always been passionate about international development, especially the role of development finance in Africa – hence my decision to join OxSID. I hope to introduce a range of different perspectives in relation to development within Africa; I think there’s a great deal to be learnt from history in understanding modern circumstances within the region, so I believe that OxSID would really benefit from some historical insights – specifically in relation to the difficult legacy of colonisation. Thus, I’d really like to stray away from the linear approach that is often taken towards development within Africa. Instead, I hope to shed more light on alternative methods that can be utilised – some of which have proven to be particularly successful in East Africa!”

Asia Events Officer

Pearl Hong
BA Law, Christ Church College

“I’m interested in the role of structural inequalities within development, particularly in the areas of education and social mobility, and the modes in which they are institutionalised in different societies. I’m looking forward to putting together interesting events for all of you in Hilary.”

Europe Events Officer

Cillian Sheehan
BA History and Economics, St John’s College

“I’m interested in looking at the ways countries in the Global North that are traditionally regarded as ‘developed’ are actually capable of doing so much more with to improve the wellbeing of their own citizens, particularly regarding the environment and the long-term sustainability of their economies.”

Middle East Events Officer

Shariq Haidery
BA PPE, St Hugh’s College

“Since I saw the first hand impact of NGOs in Pakistan and Tanzania at a young age, I’ve always had a deep interest for the role of international development. I am particularly interested in Israeli-Palestinian relations and how their relationship with one another impacts their economic development.”

North America Events Officer & Outreach Officer

Bożena Fanner Brzezina
BA History, Magdalen College

“I’m particularly interested in narratives of international development and how countries which might be termed ‘developed’ often have entrenched poverty and inequality. I think that America is a really good example of this and hope to put on plenty of engaging events this term which evaluate the domestic development of the United States and highlights those left behind in development initiatives. I am also interested in America on the global stage and how its position within intergovernmental bodies dedicated to global development is changing.”

South America Events Officer

Jasmine Alexander
BA Archaeology and Anthropology, Keble College

“I’m personally very interested in the tourism economy, particularly the benefits and downfalls of tourism as a development strategy from a cultural heritage and social perspective as well as from an economic and environmental one. So I look forward to working with this term’s OxSID committee and hope that you’re all as excited about Hilary’s events as I am!”

College Reps

Lucas Evans

Dalveen Sandhu

Angelica Shcherbakova
Jacob Forward
Maxime Bourdier

Pragna Challapalli

Rebecca Horne

Patrick Duggan

Riya Banerjee

Ella Holliday

Samuel Ajakaiye

St Catherine’s
Lily Kershaw
Poppy Wood
Wesley Wong

St John’s
Zara Arif

St Peter’s
Martina Bortolan

Hajar Zainuddin

Freddie zu Wied

Emily Oldham

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