OxSID is an entirely student-run organisation.

We’re a team of students from across Oxford University. Our committee members are studying everything from Politics to Spanish to Chemistry to Classics, but we’re all united by a passion for international development.

In addition, our College Reps represent OxSID across the University, ensuring we reach and represent a wide range of backgrounds and departments.

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Jasmine Alexander (she/her)
BA Anthropology and Archaeology, Keble College

“Seeing OxSID grow as a society over the past year has been absolutely incredible. Contributing first as an events officer and then in careers and mentorship, I am so excited to work now with our team this term as co-president. Having the opportunity to share my personal interest in anthropological ID policy and tourism, I hope now to enable others to share their wonderful passions via the society too. I can’t wait to see the ID community in Oxford further expand and thrive!


Helena Holter (she/her)
BA PPE, Somerville College

“OxSID is an inspiring community that has allowed me to discover more about fascinating challenges from every corner of the globe. Since joining OxSID, my long-standing interest in international development has only broadened and deepened. My commitment to the development sector emerged from my interest in sustainability when I worked in Mozambique for three months, writing a research paper on community impact schemes. I believe that international development should begin with empowering local communities to facilitate real change. I am excited to help OxSID grow its presence within the university and to see what this fantastic team will create!


Jonathan Tostevin (he/him)
BA History and Politics, Magdalen College

“I’m interested in the structure of the development sector, including what determines how resources are allocated across local, regional and international projects. I’d like to examine the process of decision-making and impact assessment, especially the extent to which local community are involved. This term, I hope that we can partner with like-minded organisations to enhance engagement with international events and issues. I’m excited about the variety and perspective in the new content OxSID has to offer!”


Sara Al Soodi (she/her)
BA History, Christ Church

“I’m Sara and I will be the Secretary for OxSID this term. Having been on the committee before both as Middle East Events Officers and Current Affairs Officer, I look forward to seeing OxSID continue growing as a society, alongside a dedicated and hard working team! My international development interests are quite broad, but I’m particularly intrigued by the refugee crisis around the world, and the social and political situation throughout the Middle East specifically. Nonetheless, I look forward to engaging with new topics and events throughout the term and learn more!”

Events Director

Zilun Lin (he/him)
BA PPE, Lady Margaret Hall

“What I really enjoy about OxSID is the opportunity to chat with experts about everything under the sun that is relevant to international development. The topics range from talking about the anatomy of internet censorship to exploring the economics of happiness. They’re all captivating questions that make me very excited to be the events director for this term! I’m especially looking forward to hosting more collab events to explore the intersectional questions at the core of development.”

Marketing Director

Maddie Whitehead (she/her)
BA PPE, Christ Church

“Within International Development, I am particularly interested in gender, security studies and human rights – particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean where I like to focus my studies in Politics here at Oxford. I have loved being a part of the OxSID committee and am excited to be working to improve our presence throughout Oxford as this term’s Marketing Director. I can’t wait to see all the great work OxSID produces!”

Careers and Mentorship Director

Elisenda Rubiés (she/her)
BA Classics, Wadham College

“Hi I’m Eli and I’m a 3rd year classicistat Wadham. I have been drawn to the wide-ranging and interdisciplinary nature of international development for some years now, and over time I have developed particular interests in issues of migration and migrant rights, in sustainability and specifically in social issues in the region of Latin America. I am really excited to be organising the mentorship scheme and putting on careers events, and to see where the society will go this term!”

Outreach and Sponsorship Director

Nina Skrzypczak

BA PPE, Christ Church

“For a long time I have been broadly fascinated by international development. More specifically, I am interested in sustainable technological innovation and it’s application to increase inclusivity in global markets. It is so important to look not only at what international development is, but what it should be, and to constantly strive for improvement so that progress can be an attainable reality for all. That’s why I’m incredibly excited as outreach and sponsorship director to collaborate with like-minded societies in order to continue the educational and inspirational environment OxSID creates.”

Graduate Outreach Officer

Joe Edwards
MSc Economics, Lincoln College

“I am a Masters student studying Economics for Development. My interest for international development stemmed from my undergraduate degree where I studied modules in development economics and the politics of sub-Saharan Africa. My interests in development are holistic, but I am particularly keen on delving into the political economy aspects of development as well exploring issues around achieving sustainable poverty reduction. I look forward to reaching out to the diverse Oxford graduate community to seek their knowledge, insight and engagement with development issues this term.”

Sponsorship Officer

Jake Milikan
BA History, St. Anne’s College

“Hi there! I’m Jake and I’m a second year history student at St Anne’s and I’m sponsorship officer at OxSID. My main interest in international development concerns economic inequality and the history of the international aid community’s responses to crises. I’m looking forward to working with the committee!”

Current Affairs Officer

Katarina Javorčeková (she/her)
BA French and Portuguese, Merton College

“My main area of interest is the integration of post-socialist Central and Eastern Europe into the EU and the region’s significant economic convergence, dramatic changes in socio-economic indicators and improvements in the natural environment. I’m also interested in the implementation of supply-side economic policy, privatization, tax cuts and the dismantling of the welfare state that has resulted in a polarization of social space as regards the conditions of life in CEE countries. There are many challenges and issues in the CEE region concerning political divergence, public governance and population demographics and as Current Affairs Officer it would be great to also bring the issues of some of these lesser-known countries to the fore”

Current Affairs Officer

Oliver Hall (he/him)
BA Spanish, Magdalen College

“I’m Oli, a 1st year student studying Spanish at Magdalen. I have always been deeply interested in global current affairs and politics. My main passions lie in the neutrality and diversity of news sources and stories, making sure that everyone is getting a balanced view of the news from all around the world!”

Events Officers


Samuel Ajakaiye (he/him)
BA History and French, Somerville College

“Currently in my second term as Africa Events Officer, my hope is to provide events that allow people with and without an African background to critically engage with the continent’s amazing variety and untapped potential as well as the issues which have stopped many areas from flourishing. I’m particularly interested in the potential for collaboration between African governments to further regional development and intra-African trade as well as how members of the diaspora like me can play a role in this process”


Esther Coomber (she/her)
BA History, Magdalen College

“I developed an interest in international development through volunteering in Uganda and with the refugee crisis charity ‘Care4Calais’. These experiences demonstrated to me different ways that charities and organisations can approach humanitarian concerns, including innovative and sustainable responses. In my role as Europe Events Officer, I am particularly keen to explore issues related to refugees and migration from the perspectives of public policy, employment, sustainability and human rights.”


Pragna Challapalli (she/her)
BA Law with French Law, Magdalen College

“I’m interested in the intersection between law and development, and the ways in which human rights law influences the development of marginalised communities. I’m also interested in examining the functions of international organisations such as the UN and legal institutions such as the International Criminal Court or the International Court of Justice, and considering the impact of these organisations on the communities they seek to serve, and how they can be improved.

South America

Ella Holliday (she/her)
BA French and Spanish, Queen’s College

“I’ve always been fascinated by the potential for international organisations to implement innovative solutions in response to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Having had the privilege to work around Europe and in Myanmar, I feel strongly that increased engagement with the international community would be beneficial to professionals in all sectors of the working world.”

North America

Heather Li (she/they)
BA PPE, St. Catherine’s College

“I’m Heather, a 1st-year studying PPE at St Catherine’s. International development has always been relevant in my life, being part of the Chinese diaspora in North America and hearing my parents’ stories about growing up under Communist rule. I’m excited to explore development in North America as an Events Officer, particularly Indigenous development in what is currently Canada and the United States.”

Middle East

Marnie Ashbridge (she/her)
BA Philosophy and Theology, Regent’s Park College

“Participating in local development projects such as at the Gatehouse, with KEEN, and The Coronavirus Tutoring initiative sparked my interest in national development which I want to extend out to the international community. My grandfather worked for the UN in Sudan and I was always fascinated by his stories growing up of the work he did out there. I was introduced to OxSID through the mentorship scheme which opened me up to several amazing individuals and the projects they have initiated. This has encouraged me to pursue a career in ID in the future.”

College Reps

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