OxSID is an entirely student-run organisation.

We’re a team of 26 students from across Oxford University. Our committee members are studying everything from Politics to Spanish to Chemistry to Classics, but we’re all united by a passion for international development.

In addition, our College Reps represent OxSID across the University, ensuring we reach and represent a wide range of backgrounds and departments.

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Rochelle Moss
BA PPE, Oriel College

“I’m looking forward to exploring a wide variety of topics within International Development this term but I’m particularly keen to gain a greater understanding of the effects upon minority groups. I’m really excited to see what the committee achieves in Trinity and can’t wait to continue our growth, develop new ideas, and expand our reach across Oxford this term!”


Black-and-white photo of Timea Iliffe
Timea Iliffe
BA PPE, New College

“I’m particularly interested in challenging preconceptions about development, and looking at and combatting the intersection of neocolonialism and Westernized conceptions of poverty and growth. Broadly for this term, I’m really excited to see what our committee achieves over the next few months, and to continue the incredible growth and success OxSID has had into the future!”


Black-and-white photo of Michella Chan
Michelle Chan
BA History and Economics, Somerville College

“I’m interested in interrogating the structure of the development sector, especially the extent to which there are integrated approaches for different development goals and accountability across regional and international levels. This term, I’m looking forward to learning from different perspectives and all the exciting new content OxSID has to offer!”


Black-and-white photo of Evie McVeigh
Evie McVeigh
BA History, Christ Church College

“It was OxSID’s podcasts over lockdown that finalised my decision to pursue a career in international development. Witnessing Britain’s widening education gap first hand has attracted me to the greater global issue of education poverty to which I direct my focus. I hope that this term, by partnering with local Oxford NGOs, we can expand the scope and reach of OxSID to continue to engage students in critical global events.”

Events Director

Black-and-white photo of Samantha Bogie
Samantha Bogie
BA Spanish, New College

“Part of the reason I chose to study a languages degree was because of my interest in global issues and I hope to further this through my work with OxSID this term; I’m particularly interested in feminism and human rights issues in Central and South America. I’m really excited to be working with such an amazing events team this term, and I can’t wait to see their ideas become a reality!”

Careers & Mentorship Director

Black-and-white photo of Jasmine Alexander
Jasmine Alexander
BA Archaeology and Anthropology, Keble College

“The role that local culture and society plays in international development policy-making and strategising processes is something that particularly interests me personally. In my role this term though I look forward to catering to the diverse interests of our audience, from climate change advocacy to development consultancy, hopefully there’ll be a career opportunity or mentor fit for you!”

Marketing Director

Black-and-white photo of Sophie Littlewood
Sophie Littlewood
MChem Chemistry, Magdalen College

“I’m passionate about the role of data, science and media in sustainable development—particularly when it comes to development economics and the low-carbon transition. I’m really looking forward to sharing all of our exciting activities and resources with you over the next few months!”

Marketing Officer

Black-and-white photo of Cecilia Marchant
Cecilia Marchant
BA German, Wadham College

“In my role this term I look forward to using social media to promote OxSID’s events, podcasts and articles, helping to spark discussions both within and beyond Oxford. I am particularly interested in the education of women in developing countries and am keen to write an article on this in order to explore it further.”

Marketing Officer

Black-and-white photo of Ella Holliday
Ella Holliday
BA French and Spanish, Queen’s College

“I’ve always been fascinated by the potential for international organisations to implement innovative solutions in response to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Having had the privilege to work around Europe and in Myanmar, I feel strongly that increased engagement with the international community would be beneficial to professionals in all sectors of the working world.”

Marketing Officer

Black-and-white photo of Iris Bertrand
Iris Bertrand
BA German and Russian, University College

“This term I am looking forward to working with the Marketing team to promote OxSID’s upcoming events online. I am also keen to learn how to record a podcast. Indeed, I’d be interested to talk to leaders of NGOs based in Russia to gain a deeper, more authentic understanding of their country, and to explore how they view the relations between Russia and the west.”

Outreach Officer

Black-and-white photo of Bethan Adams
Bethan Adams
BA German, St Catherine’s College

“I love learning about grassroots projects that provide localised and creative solutions to global challenges, whether tackling deforestation, food poverty, gender equality or access to sanitation and healthcare. I am constantly motivated by the students around me and am so excited to meet and learn from people with such a broad range of interests and passions!”

Publications Officer

Black-and-white photo of Anvee Bhutani
Anvee Bhutani
BA Human Sciences, Magdalen College

“I’m interested in the role that bridging the natural and social sciences can have in studying issues that hinder development such as climate change or disease. I’m also keen on localised forms of aid that empower communities as opposed to large multinational organisations that then create dependence. I’m very excited to be able to help platform interesting voices that will contribute to this discussion of sustainable development.”

Sponsorship Officer

Black-and-white photo of Becky Whant
Becky Whant
BA English and French, St Edmund Hall College

“Having been lucky enough to work in Zambia for 3 months on a UK government aid scheme, I am fascinated with the discussion surrounding International Development and the potential for global change. The UK and its citizens have a role to play making the world a more equal place, but how that role should be defined needs a lot of thinking. I’m excited to be part of OxSID to help facilitate that discussion and hopefully implement substantial action! In particular, I’d like to raise awareness for human rights abuses currently being committed by the CCP.”

Sponsorship Officer

Black-and-white photo of Sophie Morris
Sophie Morris
BA Philosophy and Theology, Pembroke College

“International Development is a sector that is driven by bringing ideas together and giving rise to change. I am excited to begin seeking partnerships and sponsors for OxSID; something I think will boost the societies exposure and bring more people to the discussions, giving an even greater platform for valuable contributions.”

Events Officers


Black-and-white photo of Jonathan Tostevin
Jonathan Tostevin
BA History and Politics, Magdalen College

“I’m excited to start looking into elections, government, and the state within Sub-Saharan Africa. This term, I intend to briefly cover the politics of most sub-saharan states having elections this year. I also want to engage with those meeting unusual crises such as Abiy Ahmed’s conflict with Tigray and the future of Ethiopian democracy. I’d also like or the difficulty of weak states in combatting insurgents, such as extremists in the Sahel. I also want to look at the malfunctions of democracy, particularly regarding the modern ANC.”


Black-and-white photo of Shereece Linton-Ramsay
Shereece Linton-Ramsay
BA History, Magdalen College

“I’ve always been passionate about international development, especially the role of development finance in Africa – hence my decision to join OxSID. I hope to introduce a range of different perspectives in relation to development within Africa; I think there’s a great deal to be learnt from history in understanding modern circumstances within the region, so I believe that OxSID would really benefit from some historical insights – specifically in relation to the difficult legacy of colonisation.”


Black-and-white photo of Jemima Sinclair
Jemima Sinclair
BA Classics, New College

“I’m looking forward to exploring how different forms of human rights abuses are stagnating international development. I want to focus on how the misuse of technological innovation and the handling of COVID-19 have both facilitated some regimes’ control and created further inequalities. I hope to discuss how rights violations can be addressed and prevented, often within communities. I can’t wait to work together to help bring attention to pressing global issues in a meaningful context.”


Black-and-white photo of Zilun Lin
Zilun Lin
BA PPE, Lady Margaret Hall

“I am passionate in critically examining the rapid economic development of Asian countries. This term, I want to explore the implication of growth on minority rights, accountable governance and happiness in Asia. More generally, I also want to show how insights from international development are incredibly relevant to the ‘developed’ world. Anyways, I am very happy to have this incredible opportunity.”


Black-and-white photo of Helena Holter
Helena Holter
BA PPE, Somerville College

“I am looking forward to challenging the Westernised conceptions of developed and developing and exploring the global role that European countries have to play, in sustainable transformation particularly. This term I also aim to focus on how rising nationalism in Europe is threatening democratic principles and contributing to the rising immigration crisis. I’m thrilled to be part of such a great committee, and I can’t wait to see what we achieve this Trinity!”

Middle East

Black-and-white photo of Emily Oldham
Emily Oldham
BA History, Worcester College

“The ongoing tumult in the Middle East provokes discussion over the impact of conflict on citizens, an area I am keen to look at, with particular interest in the refugee populations. I hope especially to explore the plight of the Palestinian refugees who have lived across the region for decades. I look forward to seeing and sharing some exciting new content this term!”

Middle East

Black-and-white photo of Sara Al Soodi
Sara Al Soodi
BA History, Christ Church College

“The Middle East has seen various political and economical shifts over the past few years and it is a fascinating area of the world to engage with. I look forward to exploring the contrast of poverty and wealth, and how countries like Yemen and Syria, once prosperous, are now in a state of crisis. Alongside this, looking at the power dynamics in the Middle East, which have recently caught media attention, will be an interesting prospect. Working with such a dedicated committee this term will be an exciting opportunity!”

North America

Hugo Carranza Singleton
BA English and French, Oriel College

“I am particularly interested in the role that education plays in the development of the Central American region given its close links to decent work, economic growth, and peaceful institutions. I am looking forward to exploring how education is related to the increase in migration of Central American people and the effects that this migration has on the children left behind.”

North America

Black-and-white photo of Jaimini Patel
Jaimini Patel
BA Classics, Christ Church College

“I believe literature is one of the most powerful tools to help open our eyes to issues of social injustice. This has been particularly true for me in learning about the intersectionality of sexism and racism as barriers in society. I hope to be able to share some of the most eye-opening books which I have read, but also spread awareness about the power of journalism in international development this term.”

South America

Black-and-white photo of Lily Kershaw
Lily Kershaw
BA French and Portuguese, St Catherine’s College

“I am really excited to learn more about the complex topic of race in South America, and to organise events which help to reveal how race intersects with other topics such as the environment and feminism. Additionally, I am particularly interested in drawing more attention to Brazil, as it is a nation which is often overlooked when talking about South America in general because of the linguistic and cultural differences that Brazil has from many other nations in this region.”

South America

Black-and-white photo of Maddie Whitehead
Maddie Whitehead
BA PPE, Christ Church College

“I’m passionate about issues of security in South America and particularly the different effects they have on men and women. I hope that during this term I can organise events which will explore how organised crime and migration in particular have had profound effects on human security in the region. I am also interested in thinking about we define the developing world – especially in the context of South America as it’s quite a heterogenous region!”

College Reps

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