OxSID is an entirely student-run organisation.

We’re a team of students from across Oxford University. Our committee members are studying everything from Politics to Spanish to Chemistry to Classics, but we’re all united by a passion for international development.

In addition, our College Reps represent OxSID across the University, ensuring we reach and represent a wide range of backgrounds and departments.

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George Dean (he/him)
BA PPE, Mansfield College

Hi, my name is George, and I’m one of the Co-Presidents for OxSID this term. I’m really excited to be able to carry on with the great work done by last term’s committee and look forward to helping set up plenty of interesting talks and events for our members. I think that OxSID offers us a great opportunity to take a step back from our busy lives and degrees and consider world events a bit more broadly, delving into really important topics that we may not otherwise have a chance to learn about – I’m personally very interested in the effects of political institutions on development, and can’t wait to have the chance to engage with this topic further at some of our fascinating speaker events!


Thripty Dutt (she/her)
BA Law, Worcester College

Hi, I’m Tee! I am one of the co-presidents for OxSID this term. I am extremely excited to be helping George bring the society to life! My role involves being the “social” president and insuring that everyone makes the most of OxSID that they can this term 🙂  The committee has been working hard at OXSID to broaden the reach and understanding of different areas of international development. We can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

Careers and Mentorship Director

Grace Wright (she/her)
BA Philosophy and Theology, Oriel College

My name is Grace and I will be OxSID’s Careers and Mentorship Director for this term. Having participated in the mentorship scheme, I can testify first hand to how helpful and beneficial it can be, and I am excited to provide this for more people this term! I have a range of interests in International Development, from issues of disaster preparedness and the ethics of different types of aid, to the environment and infrastructure in developing countries. I look forward to working with the committee to provide a great term, and allow everyone to take a step back from the insular university environment we find ourselves in!


Indu Appanna (she/her)
BA French and Italian, New College

Hi! I’m Indu, and I’m excited to join the OxSID team as Treasurer this term. My interest in international development is broad and I’m actively trying to learn more about foreign affairs. I’m particularly drawn to development issues in the Indian subcontinent as well as the broader development of post-colonial nation states around the world. I really believe in the importance of cultivating positive relationships between different countries and cultures, whilst recognising the socio-economic disparities around the world. It’s my first time on the Committee, and I’m really excited to get stuck in!

Marketing Director

Brandon Sambrano (he/him)
BA French and Italian, Christ Church

Hi! I’m Brandon, a third-year undergrad studying French & Italian at Christ Church. I’m particularly interested in the human rights aspect of international development and the role that international organisations play in encouraging humanitarian development (for example, universal gender equality, right to education, and healthcare). Additionally, the role that cross-national political and economic unions (e.g. African Union, ASEAN, Mercosur) play in the growth of developing countries and their approaches to globalisation is a topic which interests me greatly. This term, as marketing director, I’m keen on making our members’ voices heard through the newly-formed Resources Creation Team, while continuing to boost and enhance our online presence.

Sponsorship Officer

Osa Osifo (she/her)
BA Economics and Management, Teddy Hall

I’m Osa and I study Economics and Management at Teddy Hall. As a Nigerian, I’ve seen how natural resources can shape an economy and affect the living conditions of its citizens. This inspired me to study Economics since I think development is needed to improve the quality of life for billions and I want to learn how to design programs to support sustainable growth. As Sponsorship Officer, I’m excited to be involved in providing funding to a society that encourages conversation around these topics to help bring change to the development sector!

Current Affairs Officer

Ting Cleary (she/her)
BA Experimental Psychology, Lady Margaret Hall

Many aspects of foreign affairs and international development greatly interest me, especially conflict mediation across cultural and ethnic boundaries. Often long-term disputes extend beyond resource and political considerations. It is important to study what motivates fighting on the level of the individual as well as the state and attend to third parties as they balance policies in response to opposing forces within their spheres of influence.

As the Current Affairs Officer, I hope to share what is happening in the world in a digestible and engaging manner. I am looking forward to interacting with readers and discussing current ongoing issues!

Marketing Officer

Vicky Rolley (she/her)
BA History, Lady Margaret Hall

Hi im Vicky, a second year historian at LMH and this term i’ll be acting as Marketing Officer on the OxSID committee. I became interested in international development having seen the difference that educational outreach can make, both in the UK and abroad. I look forward to working with the committee to provide the best term of speakers, events and information possible.

Outreach Officer

Teresa Mainzer (she/her)
PPE (visiting student), Mansfield College

Hi, my name is Teresa, I’m a visiting student at Mansfield from the US studying PPE. I’m interested in international political economy and international development, particularly with an emphasis on human rights and environmental sustainability. I find it fascinating to learn about innovative policies that reduce economic inequality and empower local communities. I’m looking forward to working with the OxSID community as the outreach officer!

Graduate Officer

Adam Hegedus (he/him)
Master of Public Policy, Wadham College

I am interested about international development, particularly the intersections between education and gender equality and climate change. I run a small NGO in Timor-Leste that provides public pre-school education facilities and have experience in Australia and Indonesia. As part of my role, I’m keen to bring in voices and leaders from the postgraduate community, including a Lecture/Panel.

Events Officers


Samanwita Sen (she/her)
Masters in World Literature, Wolfson College

I’m a Master’s student studying World Literature at Wolfson College, having previously completed my undergraduate studies at Oriel College. I’m currently Asia Pacific Officer for OxSID. I’m interested in the changing and ever-prominent role countries in the Asia Pacific play in global politics, and how to enact policies that engender a more equitable future for youth in the global south. In my free time, I like to write monologues, go on long walks around meadows, listen to music, play the piano, and occasionally do origami. You’ll probably find me library hopping across the city as I try endlessly to find that sweet study spot, or having an outrageously good time with my friends 🙂


Claramae Flemming (she/her)
BA Economics and Management, Trinity College

My name is Claramae, and I will be your Events Officer for Africa. This term, I plan to be looking at the economic progress achieved in the continent. In particular, gaining a greater understanding of economic development within the region, by examining what it is affected by. For example, global prices and the wider world economy. As well as investigating how economic development interacts with social issues, environmental concerns and wider topics such as education, gender inequality and climate change.


Julia Stolarowicz (they/she)
BA Law, Worcester College

Hey! My name is Julia and I’m a second year law student at Worcester. I am the Europe Events Officer and I hope to organise some great events for everyone! I became interested in international development through my passion for politics and social justice and my main interests lie in women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and refugee rights. I am also passionate about sustainability to ensure we all have a better future.

College Reps

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