TT’23 Committee

OxSID is an entirely student-run organisation.

We’re a team of students from across Oxford University. Our committee members are studying everything from Politics to Spanish to Chemistry to Classics, but we’re all united by a passion for international development.

In addition, our College Reps represent OxSID across the University, ensuring we reach and represent a wide range of backgrounds and departments.

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Brandon Sambrano (he/him)
BA French and Italian, Christ Church College

Hi! I’m Brandon, a third-year undergrad studying French & Italian at Christ Church. I’m particularly interested in the human rights aspect of international development and the role that international organisations play in encouraging humanitarian development (for example, universal gender equality, right to education, and healthcare). Additionally, the complex issues surrounding climate change and the way in which global superpowers and the developing world manage these issues in different ways is a topic of great interest to me. This term, as co-president, I’m keen on growing our society’s podcast and website material while simultaneously facilitating our many events and activities during the term.


Ting Cleary (she/her)
BA Experimental Psychology, Lady Margaret Hall

Hi, I’m Ting, one of the Co-Presidents for OxSID for Trinity. Having previously contributed as the Current Affairs Officer, I’m excited to build on the efforts of past committees to ensure the society is the greatest that it can be. We have a wonderful team this term, and I’m looking forward to working alongside them to implement a variety of events and ideas across the board. Personally, my interests lie in conflict mediation, and I am always happy to discuss this further with members and event attendees!

Careers and Mentorship Director

Magdey (she/her)
BA French and Arabic, Pembroke College

Hi! I’m Madgey (she/her) and I’ll be the Careers and Mentorship Director for this term! I’m really passionate about mentorship as a form of educational outreach, and I’m keen to support as many of you as possible with our mentorship programme. Within international development, I am particularly interested in educational policy and the role of NGOs. I look forward to getting you paired with our brilliant mentors and seeing what the committee achieves this term!


Truc Dang
BA Economics and Management, St Catharine’s College

My passion lies in exploring the nexus between cultural and social values, economic development, and entrepreneurship. With a business background and a keen interest in international development, I am motivated to expand my knowledge and apply it towards promoting ethical business practices and addressing social and economic disparities in my home country. I’m looking forward to being part of the committee!

Social Secretary

Esther Tan
BA Classics, Jesus College

Hey! My name is Esther, a second year

classicist at Jesus, and I’m your Social Secretary for this term 🙂 This means I’m responsible for organising all the fun social events for this term—that aren’t necessarily speaker events—that will give you a chance to meet other members of OxSID as well as share your views with people from other societies (many cool collaborations coming very soon!). I became interested in international development after seeing the aftermath of major political scandals like 1MDB in my home region of Southeast Asia, and am particularly passionate about economic justice and access to quality education.

Marketing Director

Vicky Rolley (she/her)
BA History, Lady Margaret Hall

Hi, I’m Vicky, a second year historian at LMH and I’m the Marketing Director for this term! I became interested in international development, having seen the difference that educational outreach can make in the UK and abroad. I have particular interests in humanitarian aid and the way that businesses can be started to create long-term financial security. I look forward to a great range of speaker and social events for this term. 

Current Affairs Officer

Etienne Baker (she/they)
BA History and Politics, Pembroke College

I think that emphasising the global community is really important, especially in the wake of such negative rhetorics about immigration. I’m interested in international development to focus on highlighting awareness of global challenges and inspiring positive change to combat international inequality. More specifically my interests lie in the importance of migration in creating the social fabric of our societies and how we can better support those in need of safe refuge.

Marketing Officer

Wong Yi Xuan (she/they)
BA Law, Worcester College

I’m Yi Xuan, and I am the Marketing Officer for OxSID this term! I’m passionate about decolonisation and combatting developmental inequality especially in my home region, Southeast Asia. I’m particularly interested in the role that international law and international organisations like the UN play in pursuing those ends.

Graduate Officer

Adam Hegesus
Master of Public Policy, Wadham College

I am interested about international development, particularly the intersections between education and gender equality and climate change. I run a small NGO in Timor-Leste that provides public pre-school education facilities and have experience in Australia and Indonesia. As part of my role, I’m keen to bring in voices and leaders from the postgraduate community, including a Lecture/Panel.

Outreach Officer

Sarah Jupp
BA History and Politics, St Anne’s College

Hi! I’m Sara Jupp, a first year History and Politics student at St. Anne’s!

I’m the outreach officer this term, and I joined committee because i’m really passionate about economic justice and the study of the international political economy to that end. I want to help get everyone engaged in these topics, and think critically about how we can effectively improve outcomes globally. 

I hope i can run some good socials, and help get people involved!


Shivam Singhal (he/him)
BA Medicine, Christ Church College

Hi all! I’m Shivam and I’m your Secretary for this term. Having previously been a college rep for the society, I am very excited to continue promoting international development and help create a thriving development community at Oxford. My interest are in the implementation and evaluation of sustainable development — especially around Water and Sanitation —, as well as Planetary Health. I am also passionate about social enterprise’s potential for building infrastructure and innovation. Alongside the rest of committee, I’m super excited for the brilliant things we are planning — and hope to see you soon!

Events Officers

Wanlin Xiao
BA PPE, Exeter Colelge

While obsessing over the world map, I found myself intrigued by regions such as Central Asia that are less publicised in British media. I am interested in shining a spotlight on various countries in the Asia-Pacific through the artistic, foodie, political and humanitarian lenses!

Middle East
BA PPE, St Edmund Hall

Hi, my name is Yasmine and I’m a second year PPE student at Teddy Hall. I’m really looking forward to being the Middle East events officer this term! Being of Lebanese background means I have always been particularly sensitive to international involvement in developing countries. I am very interested in the impact of colonialism on development (especially in the Middle East) and how far the legacy of these institutions has shaped current political climates. I am also passionate about the role of international organisations in these areas. I believe it is important to remain critical of the extent to which they actually promote development, as opposed to keeping recipient countries in a cycle of dependence.

BA English and Literature, St Hugh’s College

Hi, I’m Kanengo! As Africa Events officer this term, I’m enthusiastic about making regional research accessible, connecting diaspora, and demystifying understanding of development work on the continent. Specific issues I’m interested in include girls’ education, agriculture, the pitfalls of humanitarian aid, and the role of start-ups in development for stimulating innovation, economic growth, and leveraging local communities for social change

South America
Pippa Linden-Howes
BA French and Spanish, Merton College

My name is Pippa Linden-Howes, I’m the South America Events Officer, and I study French and Spanish at Merton. Studying languages and being interested in international affairs has always gone hand in hand for me. I’m excited to see the events we have planned to explore South American culture and politics play out this term!

North America
Sekani Adebimpe

Hi! My name is Sekani Adebimpe, and I am the North America Events Officer for this term. I became interested in international development after I began studying international business at my home university. There are many intersections between the cultural and business practices of different countries that have a huge effect on how communities around the world view the importance of various issues, including climate change and education, and I find those connections really fascinating.  My main interests lie with ESG initiatives and educational outreach, especially in regards to climate change and social policy. I also love finding ways to use different art forms, such as movies, to communicate and teach about international development. I look forward to working alongside the committee to engage with the OxSID community and digging deeper into topics surrounding international development!

Neil Paliwal (he/him)
BA History and Economics, St Catherines College

Hi everyone! My name is Neil and I’m a first year HECO undergrad at St Catz. International development has always interested me as a window beyond the environment which I’ve grown up in, enabling me to appreciate the successes and challenges experienced across the world. I am particularly interested in the approaches to tackling long-term demographic challenges, especially in Eastern Europe, as well as how the management of ethnic tensions could propel the development of countries. I am also fascinated by the role of commodities in promoting and threatening economic development; grain and energy being in the recent spotlight, but also the untapped mining and farming opportunities across Eurasia. I am excited to have a hand in putting together some exciting and novel events this term!

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